Sisters of Servants of Mary- Santhigiri (India)

Month of October 2021, severe flooding affected state of Kerala due to unusual rainfall.  The floods have paralyzed normal life of many people. Floods and landslides taken away the lives of many and hundreds of houses were damaged. Thousands of families are forced to take shelter in relief camps. The flood victims were in desperate need of relief support to survive and get back to their normal life.

We Servants of Mary sisters visited the most affected areas, at Koottickal, Kavaly, Mundakayam, Velanilam of Kottayam district under the dioceses of Pala. The rain has ripped the roofs off homes, uprooted trees, brought down power lines and many areas were underwater. People had lost everything they had and were struggling just to stay alive. A number of Immediate Response Teams have been deployed all around to carry out the rescue work.

After visiting the place and listening to the people and the parish priest, we could realize that people are really in need of our support. They have lost everything they had in the flood. They were staying in the camps in schools and the parish halls and in the church. In Kavaly, 6 people in a family completely taken away by the landslides. In Koottickal more than 200 houses were taken away by the landslide. Those people need the land to construct the houses.  They were in the camp without any of their belongings. Government officials visited the area and the people but their help is always very slow. The landslide and the flooding area was very pathetic situation to see. The houses were completely taken away from the place which was situated.

We sisters visited the area and talked with the parish priest of most affected area and have decided to support them. The parish priest has given the list of material things which are needed for the people like, bed, blanket, torch, domestic articles, food articles and money to repair the houses of people which were damaged partially.

With the help and support of the association of Réseau des entrepreneurs Solidaires under the leadership of Mr. Edward we could reach out to them in their immediate needs. We are thankful to the friends of the association especially Mr. Eduard and Mr. Pierre who involved in this charitable action directly. With your generous support many of the victimized could benefit from it.  We could really feel the presence of our Blessed founder Louis Eduard Cestac who was present with us at this time of need. Here in our area people take initiative to raise fund to help the people who lost everything. We too join with their sorrows and difficulties.

Immediate Response Teams have been deployed all around to carry out the rescue work Many NGOs and other agencies were providing the food articles and different materials. Thus according to their needs we provided them some domestic articles like kitchen utensils,  financial help to repair their houses which were cracked, and  helped them for the treatment for the  people who were seriously sick.

Sisters of Santhigiri Community.

Sisters of Santhigiri Community.