Une générosité débordante

La communauté des soeurs de St Joseph de l’apparition a crée et fait vivre une école, un centre nutritionnel pour les bébés et jeunes mamans, un centre orthopédique et une école de couture dans une zone des plus pauvres d’Haïti a Gonaïves.

Malgré un contexte d’extrême pauvreté et une tension permanente liée à l’insécurité, les sœurs ont organisé une immense fête de Noël avec une célébration, une distribution de nourriture (riz et huile financés par RES) pour 200 familles et le voisinage très pauvre.

Célébration de Noël

Les soeurs de St Joseph ont pensé à tous : enfants, familles, personnel et professeurs, les plus pauvres voisins. Cette charité active et débordante dans un contexte extrêmement difficile à donné un peu d’espoir et de joie à tous ces haïtiens qui soufrent depuis longtemps.


Srs Asha, Balandina, Margaret, Neelam, Pyari, Rosa and Emberly

Bobs, a blessing for the whole school

“Bobs  AUGTESTEIN is a special student in the school. He came to the high school in the year 2020; a special child who is physically challenged.He cannot write and cannot walk freely in the campus so he needs someone’s help to move around. His speech is also is not very clear. As no other high school could take him he was given a chance here.

We had few students in the school when we were in the other part of the village (Polkose) so the school took this as a challenge for the school’s direction and for the students.

His presence became a blessing for the whole school. The whole school became interested in his well-being. Teachers took lot of interest to educate him and writing the exams for him as he orally gave the answers.The students became so much interested in him accompanying him with his basic needs and feeding him milk and food. Through his presence the children learnt to help each other.

Seeing his condition Sr.Pyari talked to his mother and asked him to come to the therapy Centre. He comes daily for the therapy; we are beginning to see lot of changes in his movements. First thing we begin to notice is that he has stopped the uncontrollable drooling; his limbs are becoming flexible and easily moving around the campus. We are happy see to all these changes.We hope soon he become independent.

The mother feels that he has improved tremendously and feels happy that he is in a better place where his all-around needs are taken care of. She recognized the difference in him after coming to the school. But now he is able to act and respond to the events well. She is very grateful to the sisters for allowing her son to be in this institution.”

Echoes from Haiti june 21                         june 21 photos

Congrégation Sœurs de St Joseph de l’Apparition
Centre St. Joseph, 18, Praville, Gonaïves

Du lait pour les enfants en Haïti !

Plusieurs écoles en Haïti on pu bénéficier d’un don de lait en poudre (20 tonnes). Cet apport nutritionnel est très apprécié dans les conditions actuelles de crise, dans un pays abandonné et livré à la loi des gangs.

L’école st Joseph de l’apparition (Gonaïves) à pu commencer la distribution de lait au 804 enfants n’ayant pour la plupart qu’un seul repas par jour à l’école.

Au nom des élèves, de leurs parents et en mon nom propre, je tiens à vous remercier pour votre sollicitude et votre bienveillance pour les enfants défavorisés, plus particulièrement ceux de notre paroisse. Nous apprécions énormément votre support. Merci beaucoup à tous les donateurs et à tous les membres du réseau des entrepreneurs solidaires (RES)

Père Effener de la paroisse Labranle

un repas chaud pour 276 enfants à l’école Christ Roi

C’est dans une zone isolée, à 1h des Gonaïves en 4×4, que le prêtre diocésain Renélique Effener assure quotidiennement sa mission parmi les pauvres pour éduquer et nourrir l’âme et le corps de nombreuses familles.

Deux écoles (Christ Roi et Figaro) sont sous la bienveillance du père qui collecte des fonds ou met à disposition ses faibles revenus.

un plat chaud est distribué à l’école (souvent le seul de la journée pour les enfants) 2 à 3 fois par semaine. Ces derniers temps il est difficile de financer ce simple repas à base de riz, manioc et sardines.

Une aide financière du RES de 1600 € permet d’assurer les repas pendant 1 mois pour 276 enfants mais d’autre mois doivent être financés, merci de vos dons.

Echoes from Haïti

Dear Friends,

Greetings and blessings from Haiti. Many of you are asking what we are doing during the lockdown of the country?. Here is the news:

As soon as the country closed all the education institutes and other activities we reflected on how to educate and communicate to the people about Covid 19. Many of them are not aware of the seriousness of the sickness. So we decided to generate a wider awareness.

We decided to have different activities during this time of lock down.

  1. Awareness: With the help of the US AID doctor from Port au prince, we trained 10 advisors about Covid 19 and its seriousness and how to protect oneself from the Virus.  With the help of Hands Together Florida, we hired tailors and along with our tailoring students they made face masks .The advisors went around Gonaives from Monday to Friday from house to house (Porte a Porte) to educate the people on how to keep oneself clean and informing the people about social distancing to avoid to be a prey to the virus.  We call them Covid 19 educators. They distributed the masks that were made in the Centre to the people. The group found the task was not very easy since the people were resisting the Covid   19 educators.  Some of the families were angry and arguing with the group. The often commented “In Haiti we don’t have Covid 19”. With great difficulty the group was able to convince the people to be careful of the virus, on cleanliness and social distancing.

The group was covering  100 houses a day in different areas  .They have covered till today 12,500 houses with almost 62,500 people .Though the government gave lots of information to the people about the sickness but our  group went  around the places where there was no possibility of any  social  media communication. Many   expressed their gratitude for the school since the group went in the name of the school.

  1. Food distribution: Since the lock down life for the poor of Gonaives became very difficult. Most of the people are from hand to mouth. So it was not easy for the people to have their daily meal. So with the financial support of our partners we bought the food from the local market to distribute to the area people as well as some families from different parishes where the people were in great need.
  2. School distribution: The food which was sent by CCO was distributed to the school children‘s families. The school alone has 740 families. We purchased different things along with the CCO food. The parents were thrilled to get this little help to ease their very difficult moments of their life.
  3. Targeted Groups: Since the nutritional Centre was closed we called all the mothers to collect dry food in a regular basis. Every last Friday of the month they come to the Centre to collect their provisions. The poor and the aged were coming with the mothers to collect their share too. They are happy to receive this food. The majority of people we served were mothers, children and aged
  4. Distribution of food and masks: We saw the men and women who sit at the open market and the taxi drivers, who are always on the road without any protection. So we distributed to them some of the masks that we made. We also shared some of the food with these people. All of our teachers as well as the non-teaching staff also got their share of dry food. With different partners of our mission we have served almost 3280 families as of today.
  5. Feeding the surrounding children: We launched a program to feed the area children.  About 285 had a full meal in the school campus twice. The children were so happy to have this meal different from their daily meal.

Above all the time of lock down and the activities has given us the sisters a chance to live our religious life in a very intense way. We have lot of time for prayer, reflection, deepening of our spiritual life and help in the different activities of the lock down.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all of our wonderful COVID donors for their generous support in helping the poor during this difficult time.


The government has announced the opening up of the country. So we will begin our activities on the 3rd August. The primary school will reopen on the 17th of August. Since the government has asked us to take precaution when we open our activities, so we have decided to divide the children into two groups to be in the classroom and keep distance on the benches.

For three months the syllabus of the year 2019 to 2020 will be followed.  The new academic year begins in November. The nutrition centre, the handicapped clinic and the tailoring training centre will be starting from the 3rd of August.  We will continue to the precautions that the Government has imposed.

We hope and trust the Lord, that the activities will function normal as the children have lost the whole year due to the country’s own trouble and the pandemic.

With lots of love and Regards from

Sisters Asha ,Balandina,Margaret,Neelam,Pyari,Rosa

Congrégation Sœurs de St Joseph de l’Apparition – Gonaïves, Haïti

Des plats hyperprotéinés pour Haïti

Un don de 8 tonnes de plats hyperprotéinés en poudre à été fait, soit environ 70 000 repas pour les enfants qui manquent cruellement de protéines en ce temps de crise politique, économique et humanitaire. Les boissons sont à base de caramel, chocolat, potiron, etc..

Les soeurs de l’apparition de St joseph à Gonaïves donnent un verre par semaine aux enfants.

“Greetings from St.Joseph  Today I see the children are beginning to like the caramel.As days go by they will like to drink it.Thank you ”


Nuns fight

Haiti has been going through a politically driven humanitarian crisis since early September, when violent protests against the standing president brought the country to a standstill, as a way to force his resignation. Children cannot attend school, hospitals are closed, shops have no supplies, food is short, there are frequent electricity blackouts, propane gas distribution required for food preparation is halted, etc. In the past, Haiti has been struck by natural disasters, like earthquakes, epidemics and hurricanes; but this time the situation is totally caused by human lack of concern for the suffering of fellow humans.

We recently talked to Sr. Lila and Sr. Natalia, a Polish and a Spanish Daughters of Charity who are serving in the Marie Madeleine center, a clinic and day-care for the elder in the outskirts of Port au Prince, Haiti’s capital. Since all public hospitals are closed, they are receiving about 200 patients per day. Medicines are scarce, since distribution is blocked by what they call “the bandits”. Some of the older people they typically attend have stopped coming to the day-care; they fear they may have died since they are more vulnerable to hunger and illness. Since cars cannot circulate, the nuns sometimes risk their lives to attend sick people at home, crossing the burning barricades by foot. They also risk their lives to buy medicines when the clinic runs out of them. The days they don’t have electricity or gas, they still serve the sick and the elder that come to their center.

” If we can’t give them medicines, at least we make them feel someone cares about their pain. If we can’t feed them, we sing with them and pray together for the end of this disgrace.”

The nuns told us that none of the poor complain to God for this situation, on the other hand they thank God for giving them some relief through the nuns. In the eyes of the poor, the nuns and priests are God’s response to their prayers. What a beautiful role, and what a high responsibility for RES to support the religious in Haiti! Materially, sending bread, milk for children, propane gas to cook, money for medicines. But just as important, our RES “guardian angels” call the nuns/priests often, listen to how they are coping with the situation, let them know that out of Haiti someone cares about what is going on, tell them we are praying for them. In the front line of the fight against pure evil, God answers the prayers of his people by sending relief to the poor through his servants, nuns and priests, missionaries and locals, the only light that shines in the lives of the millions of persons surviving in the darkness of extreme misery. And RES is part of His works.

Une soirée charité

Une soirée pour les missionnaires et les plus pauvres a réunis une trentaine de personnes pour écouter le témoignages d’anges gardiens qui ont visité quelques missions en Haïti en février et mars 2019.

C’était un moment très fort où tout le monde a bien vu et entendu ce que font les missionnaires de l’église catholique dans ces zones abandonnées.

Beaucoup ont été touchés et ont généreusement apporté leurs dons ou leurs encouragements. Les dons financiers permettront de financer du gaz pendant un an pour une école de 700  élèves.

Une rencontre marquante

Le père Effener est un prêtre diocésain, humble parmi les pauvres. Après avoir été vicaire de la cathédrale a gonaives et une formation de théologie morale en France, il est envoyé en mission dans une des villes les plus pauvres de la région de gonaives. Il s’occupe de la gestion de 2 écoles dont une est à 2h de marche pour les élèves. Bien sûr il manque de tout mais peut donner du lait trois fois par semaine grâce aux donateurs du RES.

Il me remet un dossier de demande de financement d’un bâtiment pour accueillir ses paroissiens, élèves et parents. Son projet très détaillé démontre le sérieux de cet homme de Dieu.

Lui-même vit dans une maison vétuste mais il pense d’abord à nourrir ses élèves, à faire des sanitaires digne de ce nom, et à payer la scolarité d’une centaine de familles.

Cet homme a donne sa vie pour Dieu et les plus pauvres, un exemple de gratuité et humilité.




Père Effner

Père Effner


785 bénéficiaires de soins et d’éducation pour faire grandir l’amour

Départ vers 5h30 du cap pour Gonaïves. Nous traversons la montagne sur une piste défonce.

Après avoir passé le col, une vraie route (la première que je rencontre depuis une semaine) nous descend jusqu’à gonaives.

J’arrive enfin chez les sœurs de st joseph l apparition, sur une colline en plein désert ou rien ne pousse. Le bidonville est sans doute l’un des plus pauvres que j’ai vu avec des murs de parpaings comme maison pour se protéger des scorpions et serpents. Tous ces familles se sont regroupées autour d’une manne providentielle, une communauté de 4 soeurs indiennes pour gérer une école, un centre de nutrition pour les bébés et mères, un centre orthopédique pour les handicapés.

Ces missionnaires sont passé par beaucoup d épreuves avec notamment une tornade en 2004 ou elles ont tout perdu mais st joseph les a toujours protégé. Aujourd’hui elles soignent, éduquent et nourrissent 785 bénéficiaires avec une force pleine de douceur et de joie.

Elles visitent des handicapés, nourrissent les bébés avec leur mère, font construire des maisons pour les plus pauvres (elles ont offert pour noël 3 maisons pour des familles avec handicapés qui vivaient dehors) et éduquent les enfants avec leurs parents. Une autre maison dans la ville propose une formation de couture avec un projet d offrir une machine pour que les femmes puissent vivre de leur production.

Leur charisme, faire naitre et grandir l’amour, comme saint joseph.



Saint Joseph – Gonaives


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