Une cantine pour des seniors abandonnés

Este producto es muy bueno gusta mucho a los ancianos y a los participantes del programa.
Se distribuye en el almuerzo como completo con el maíz molido.

Muchas gracias.
Sor C. Iliana Monroig, H.C.
Responsable de la misión

And yet another belated thank you note from the FdC at PaP. This I think the pictures are rare: we seldom see older people benefitting from donations. This is a cantine that gathers forsaken seniors who have no family nor anyone to take care of them. The daughter that runs it, Sr. Martina, is a senior herself.
May God let this amazing generation of missionaries, now mostly in their seventies and eighties, live long! They are an incredible source of wisdom and experience, living human models in values, as opposed to the runway models that our society today admires.

Ignacio De Loizaga – Ange gardien Haiti